Edge of Darkness

-I hadn’t really heard much about this movie, but it made a good find from the bargain bin, so I bought it. I knew a bit of the setup, but that’s about it.

-The movie starts with a Boston police officer named Tom Craven, played by Mel Gibson, waiting at the train station for his daughter Emma. They get back to his house and start making dinner. It becomes apparent that Emma is sick in some way, so Tom goes to take her to the doctor. As he opens the front door, a man in a ski mask yells out, “Craven!” and shoots at him with a shotgun, hitting Emma, before driving off. Emma is dead in just a few seconds. Remember how crazy Liam Neeson was about getting his daughter back in Taken? Now imagine how he would be if his daughter had been shot to death on his doorstep and died in his arms and you’ve pretty much got Mel Gibson’s character in Edge of Darkness.

Everyone’s first thought is that Tom was supposed to be the target, so Tom and the department begin investigating. Before long, though, it becomes increasingly apparent that there’s more going on here than we first thought. The story unfolds very well, with a new element coming out every few minutes and big reveals spaced out just enough to keep things interesting without the big reveals getting too commonplace.

-The acting is great, with Mel Gibson doing very well in his role as the vengeful father and a great supporting role by Ray Winstone as a sort-of mercenary with a sketchy agenda that keeps the audience guessing as to who he really works for and what he’s really supposed to do. The writing is pretty great, with another awesome screenplay by William Monahan, also known for his work on The Departed and Body of Lies. The fight scenes are few and far between, but still look really cool, with some nice choreography and really cool moves as Tom finds people who might know what’s going on and beats answers out of them.

-Again, there really isn’t a whole lot to this film. It’s a dark revenge movie with a great story, well directed action scenes, and some well written dialogue. It’s worth a watch if you can find it. 8.5/10

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