Friday the 13th Part 3

-This movie was in 3D. I tried to watch it in 3D, really I did, but it was just so bad… I couldn’t stand it so after a couple minutes I took the glasses off and started over in 2D. Just thought I’d get that explanation out of the way.

-We start with a couple of randoms hearing about the events of Part 2 on TV just before they manage to become the opening kills. Cut to a bunch of friends going out to party at some house in the woods, including a girl that’s had one of the weird Jason nightmares that may or may not have really happened. There’s some details about a bunch of bikers that they piss off at a gas station and stuff, but all you really need to know is that a series of conveniences allow them to be stranded out there with no way to run away from Jason.

-By the way, this one seem to be the Friday the 13th that bears the closest resemblance to the “remake.” They both feature Jason as the killer, show Jason finding his mask, feature victims that aren’t camp counselors, and have a bunch of characters that like to smoke lots of weed. Just an observation.

-The characters are all pretty stock, with the one standout being some asshole named Shelly that likes to scare people by using movie props to pretend he’s been stabbed. Gee, will this play into his death at all? Also, I’m still not quite buying into Jason as a really scary villain. Sure, he’s some sort of undead monster thing that kills people, but I’m having the same problem with him that I started to have with Ghost Face after a while, namely that it’s always quite obvious that the characters are capable of killing him, and that the only reason he’s able to kill so many people is a combination of surprise and the fact that he has a weapon. I imaging he gets scarier later in the series as he becomes more and more powerful, but for now, I’m a little underwhelmed.

-As with the first two, the suspense is pulled off quite well, with plenty of build-up scenes for us to let our guard down just in time for Jason to show up and interrupt some sex. One thing has to be mentioned, as with most older 3D movies, the filmmakers constantly try pushing something in our face so that it flies out at the camera, and it’s just silly, especially watching it in 2D.

-Overall, Part 3 is pretty good. It’s no masterpiece, but it gets the job done. 7/10





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I'm just a kid from California that wants to be a reviewer when I get older, so I thought I'd get experience in as soon as possible.

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  1. Nice post! Yeah, part three is pretty good. Nowhere near my fave, but not bad either. I too couldn’t watch this in 3D, all I saw was blue and red, and it gave me a headache. So you aren’t the only one!

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